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24 juin 2009

Test Wii de The Conduit par IGN

Et voici enfin le verdict de IGN qui donne une excellente note à The Conduit (Le 10 Juillet chez nous) !

Il hérite même d'un "IGN AWARD" !!!

Pour mémoire, Amazon le propose en PRECO et à prix spécial pour une cinquantaine d'euro ici

Games Radar et Nintendo Power attribuent quand à eux, un 8/10 au titre de High Voltage Software.

8.0 Presentation
Variations of this storyline have been told a dozen times in shooters, but the presentation is still well done. Intriguing cut-scenes, great acting, and a variety of options make The Conduit pop.
8.5 Graphics
The Conduit's art is sometimes outperformed by its tech, but the end experience is still visually pleasing. An outstanding 3D engine allows for graphical effects uncommon in most Wii games.
8.0 Sound
Fantastic voice work, sound effects with genuine umph and catchy music. WiiSpeak sometimes drowns out the music and sound effects during online play.
8.0 Gameplay
If we were just rating gameplay control, it'd be a perfect score. The Conduit is a fun first-person shooter, but beware: it's also a straightforward one. Run and gun, enemy spawners, and little else.
9.0 Lasting Appeal
Between five and a half and eight hours for the single-player mode, which you can come back to for achievements. But the multiplayer mode will last months, if not longer.
(out of 10 / not an average)
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